Brighten Up Painting Furniture White

painting furniture white buffet

I did not think I’d be painting furniture white again so soon! But here we are. I bought this buffet/dresser piece because it’s a twin to the first piece I ever painted for my home. I painted mine turquoise, and I had planned to paint this one black. But a client came along and purchased it, and she wanted white.

Doesn’t this piece have such great details?

white buffet before

And here’s an old picture of the piece in my home. Still my favorite!

Here’s the list of Dixie Belle products I used on the buffet.

Resource List:

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It’s All in the Prep

It was super important to clean this piece really well inside and out. It was full of dirt, costume jewelry and other gross stuff. I used White Lightning TSP cleaner and then rinsed with clean water.

I filled the hardware holes because my client is adding her own pulls and knobs. Bonus for me, I get to keep that gorgeous original harware!

I sanded this piece quite well, and wiped it down from all the sanding dust.

white buffet close up

Using Silk All-in-One Mineral paint, I painted 3 (yes 3!) coats of Whitecap. Unfortunately, painting furniture white usually means having to do 3 coats.

Silk paint has the equivalent of 1 coat of BOSS (an acronym for Blocks Odors Stains and Stops Bleed-through) in it, so there is some stain-blocking. But there was a little bit of pink bleed-through on 1 area, so I added a coat of BOSS in that small spot.

If you get any dried drips, the best method I’ve found to fix them is to shave the drip off with a razor blade, lightly sand the area and then touch up. To avoid drips, you really have to have good lighting and keep checking the paint from every angle.

Faux Wood Finish with American Honey

Does the top of the buffet look like faux wood or a real wood to you? I think it’s my most realistic faux wood yet! Credit for this technique goes to Shannon of Black Sheep House. To start, I painted it 1 coat of Terracotta, a burnt orange color.

When that was dry, I quickly applied oil-based No Pain Gel Stain in the color American Honey to the whole top. I just slapped it on there and spread it out because I didn’t want it to start drying before the next steps.

Using a 4″ deck brush, I lightly dragged through the gel stain from end to end to create those wood grain-looking lines. Then I switch to a whisk broom and lightly dragged that end to end as well. This is when it really started to resemble wood!

white buffet top

The gel stain needs a good 2 days or more to dry before sealing. I departed from my tried and true satin clear coat this time,, and used Gator Hide instead. It gives a beautiful eggshell sheen, and it’s super durable. Gator Hide was out of stock for quite a while, and I forgot how much I like it!

white buffet top side angle

The flowers are real peonies and iris from my yard. Aren’t they gorgeous?

white buffet flowers

Painting furniture white really is harder than it looks, but worth the extra steps for this simple beauty. If you enjoy this piece, please remember to Pin this project for inspiration!

white buffet pin

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  1. I love the piece and the end result. The top looks really good! Sounds like a fairly easy technique? So many times I am tempted to accent the detail in the piece, but i see that you have not. Any reason why not?

    • Hi Maria, Yes, I would have embellished too! But my client wanted plain white so unfortunately I didn’t get to fully beautify it. xo, Shannon


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