Boho Style End Table

boho end table

Hi Friends!  Today I have a side table in a totally different-to-me boho style to share.  I picked up this unusual end table because of the lattice doors.  I originally envisioned something red and gold, but you will see that I totally changed my mind and went a different direction.

I wanted to use Dixie Belle patina products on the doors and create a rusty metal look, like iron gates.  So that was my inspiration.  And the many other colors and waxes and techniques just grew from there.  This is my anti less-is-more piece.  This is my more-is-more piece!

boho end table before

I cleaned it well with White Lightning, and painted the whole thing (except the lattice in the doors and the tile inset in the top) in a base coat of Patina Green.  There are a couple of Facebook Live videos that encompass most of the steps I did on this piece.

Video 1

Video 2

Blended Paint Finish

On the top and the door frames, I did a blended finish.  Using a different paint brush for each different color, I started by adding Palmetto to the outside edges.  Inside of that, I added Terra Cotta, and on the inside edges I added Sea Glass.  I dampened my brush with my spray mister bottle, and blended the colors together to blur the lines and create gradients between each color.  You can take a clean dry brush and lightly blur the colors together in every direction as well.

boho end table blended doors

Grunge Paint Finish

On the sides, I used a couple of the same colors, Palmetto and Terra Cotta, and I used the Bronze and Copper paints from the patina line.  I didn’t use the activation spray on the Bronze and Copper, though, I left them as they come out of the jar. 

For this technique, I added Palmetto around the edges, and Terra Cotta across a top and bottom section on each side.  I pulled the Terra Cotta up into the Palmetto, and down into the middle section without blending.  My husband thought it looked like an earthquake seismograph pattern, and after I googled what the heck those look like, I have to agree! 

You have to shake or stir the patina paints really well before using them.  I like to use a chip brush to apply them.  Since they have actual metal particles in the paint, I don’t want to chance ruining a good brush.  I’ve also heard others warn against washing the patina paints down your indoor plumbing.  They recommend washing it outside with a hose, so you can do that or toss your brush when you’re done.

Both the Bronze and Copper were used down the middle of the sides, randomly, one on top of the other.  I also dragged my brush up and down into the other colors to keep the seismograph going.

boho end table side


I happened to have a Stick and Style stencil from Redesign with Prima in the exact pattern that was on the doors.  So I decided to use it across the top and bottom of each side as well.  Rather than filling in the stencil with one color, I used 3!  Copper patina, Patina Green and a metallic copper I had laying around from Dixie Belle’s old line of metallics.

boho end table stencil

Patina Paint Finish

In a couple areas, I activated the patina paints with the blue spray to make them react and rust.  You can see this on the door lattice.

boho end table door

And also on the tile inset on top and the hardware.

boho end table hardware

Gilding Waxes

To finish off the sides and top with a little more grunge, I used a handful of gilding waxes: bronze, hammered copper, green patina and turquoise teal.  I rubbed these on with my finger, again placement was pretty random.  This step added some iridescence.

While the original hardware already had some rusty patina goodness on it, I applied the copper gilding wax to make it stand out even more.

Sealing and Details

Lastly, to protect the top, I did a coat of Gator Hide and buffed it out with #0000 steel wool for a little more sheen.  The back of the table is just some pegboard, so this piece would definitely have to be used against a wall.  I painted the interior with metallic copper, so it pops inside the lattice doors.

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