Boho Buffet Makeover

boho buffet

Hi Friends!  The buffet makeover I’m sharing today was really fun to do.  I started out with a gorgeous inspiration piece from Apple Blossom Way, but as I created, it evolved and became my own.  It was a mixture of experimentation with different techniques, and different products. 

boho buffet before

I started out with this super heavy and ugly laminate buffet.  I picked it up through Facebook Marketplace, and I’m pretty sure I paid $50 for it.  First, I removed the doors on the ends.  One hinge was rusted out, and would not have been easy to replace.  And also, it reduced the visual weight and was more appealing without them.    

I did a 6 day series of Facebook Lives showing each step of the buffet makeover.  If you’re more visual, you might want to check those videos out here

First, I cleaned the piece well with White Lightning and rinsed it.  I did a few veneer repairs and filled screw holes with Dixie Belle mud.  I opted not to prime because I didn’t expect any bleed-through, and because I didn’t want to take the extra time. Luckily, I didn’t have any issues or regrets for skipping it.

Raised Stencil

Did you know you can add a raised stencil to your piece?  All you need is a regular stencil, and Dixie Belle mud.  I adhere the stencil to the piece with blue painter’s tape, and using a plastic putty knife, scrape the mud over it.  Then peel up the stencil right away, while the mud is still wet.  Let the mud dry overnight.  Then you can knock down any unwanted texture with 220-grit sand paper, and proceed with painting.

boho buffet front detail

I applied my raised stencils to the top and bottom of each door, using a stencil design called “Doily” from Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  I also put it on the interior drawer front.

Spray Blending

I started layering my paint with some pink Peony around the edges to peek through later.  I also painted the inside drawer pink, as a little surprise pop of color.

boho buffet inside

I did two coats of both the black (Caviar) and white (Aged Ivory) colors.  On the second coat and while the black paint was still wet, I used my mister bottle to spray the transition line between them.  To get a lot of drips, you have to spray it at pretty close range.  I removed the back to make the painting and spray blending process easier.

boho buffet door bottom detail

I also used baby wipes to remove some paint in small areas to reveal the pink.

Waxing the Details

Originally, I thought I wanted the raised stencils to be a subtle texture painted into the background.  But ultimately I decided I wanted it to be accented a little more, so I did that with waxes.  On the top black section, I used my finger to apply white wax in places.  It was a little intense for my liking, so I added black wax over that.  On the bottom white section, I applied black wax alone.  This was a pretty forgiving process, since the drips were black and random.

boho buffet side view

I also used white wax all over the pink drawer front on the inside, and a little warm gold gilding wax here and there just because sometimes you need a little bling!  Am I right?

Furniture Transfer

Between the black and white sections, I used a décor transfer to bridge the gap.  This one is called Dans la Vie.  I cut out the roses and words and dry fit them where I wanted them.  To apply, you just peel the white backing off and stick it down.  Then use the little wooden stick provided with the transfer, and rub all over the design to transfer it to the wood.  Applying it is similar to applying a temporary tattoo.


Since I wanted the top to be super durable, I used two coats of a water resistant top coat called Gator Hide.  Over the transfers, I used Easy Peasy Spray Wax.  You just shake it well, spray it on, and wipe it right off with a lint-free rag.

Let’s take one more look at this before and after.  Big difference, right?!  If you like this makeover, please Pin!  Or leave me a Comment, so I know you want to see more boho style makeovers.

boho buffet before and after

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