Boho Accent Chair with Painted Upholstery

boho accent chair

I love to take a short break from larger furniture projects and get creative on something smaller like a chair.  This boho accent chair project is so full of personality! 

Here is what it looked like before its makeover.  The frame didn’t need any repairs, but it was very dirty and took a lot of scrubbing.

boho accent chair before

Here’s the list of products I used for this boho accent chair makeover with painted drop cloth upholstery.

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Painting a Boho Accent Chair with Silk Mojave

Because the chair was extra dirty, I used a plastic bristle brush to scrub it with White Lightning.  Then I rinsed it well with water, dried with paper towels and scuff sanded.  It is recommended to scuff sand when using Silk for good adhesion, so don’t skip that step.

Using the flat small synthetic brush, I painted the chair with 3 coats of Mojave.  Silk paint has the primer and topcoat built in, so 1 paint container is literally all you need.  I did find a 3rd coat was necessary with this color, which is not uncommon for yellow tones.

boho accent chair wide

Painting Canvas Drop Cloth for Upholstery

Originally, I tried thrifting for a southwestern poncho or tablecloth to re-upholster the seat.  When that didn’t pan out, I purchased a painter’s drop cloth from WalMart for about $11-12.  First, I washed and dried it.  You will want to do this as a separate load because tons of fuzz fills up the dryer trap. 

If you want to paint your own drop cloth for a chair seat, here’s what you do.  Cut a section of drop cloth to about the size of the seat and plan the layout of the design.  In my case, I centered the Sonoma Tiles stencil. 

To ensure the piece looks cohesive, include the chair color as one of the stencil paint colors if possible.  Choose a few contrasting colors to include as well to keep it bright and fun.  Using small paint brushes, fill in the stencil areas with paint while holding it down tight against the fabric with your other hand.

stenciling canvas drop cloth

This part may seem a little tedious, but if you like detail work, you will be in heaven!  I didn’t add anything to the Silk paint to use it on fabric, and I also didn’t seal it with anything.  I will definitely sell it as an accent piece for light use, not your everyday kitchen table chair.

Since the existing fabric had so much texture to it, I wanted to remove it before stapling on the stenciled drop cloth fabric.  This was pretty quick and easy with a staple puller tool that I have.  Using an electric staple gun with ¼” staples, I stapled on the fabric pulling it tight as I went.

Lastly, I trimmed off any excess fabric and screwed the seat back to the frame.

boho accent chair seat

Copper Gilding Wax

It was super cute at this point, but my family was giving feedback that it still needed a little something.  So I pulled out my copper gilding wax and rubbed it on with my finger.  It added a subtle shimmer around the back and on some of the details. 

boho accent chair back
boho accent chair collage

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