MCM Dresser Gets a Fresh Modern Update with Paint

This dresser belongs to my client, Theresa.  I have to admit, I don’t really get the hype around MCM (mid-century modern) furniture.  This incorporates furniture manufactured between 1945 and the mid-1970’s.  Maybe it reminds me of my childhood, not in a good way, like avocado-colored appliances and linoleum floors.  But I know a lot of […]


Red Farmhouse Dresser

My mom picked up this piece for me at Goodwill, and I think she was so excited about it she forgot to really look at it. That happens to me too.  I get so excited about the potential makeover that I don’t look inside drawers and inspect each element.  This dresser had cracks up the […]


Before & After Dresser to Buffet Transformation

Today I’ve got a big ole project to share with you!  It involved a little luck with timing, and a lot of guesswork and prayers on matching stains.  I received a Facebook message with a picture of this Stanley dresser, asking if I would be interested in purchasing it.  She offered it at a great […]

Buffets and China Cabinets

Navy Blue Executive Desk with Gold Accents

Way back in January, a friend sold me this desk.  She was re-arranging her space, and no longer had room for it.  It being a higher end piece, I thought I could perhaps turn around and sell it as-is for a quick profit.  Since it’s now May and you can tell by the title of […]


Modern Farmhouse China Cabinet Game Hutch

This project started when a sweet gal contacted me looking for a game hutch for her basement.  I didn’t have any china cabinets, but I started my hard-target search.  I usually check Facebook Marketplace first, then Craigslist, my local Goodwill and thrift stores, local antique stores and then, if desperate, I post an “in search […]

Buffets and China Cabinets

Triple Dixie Dresser Shading Technique

Let me preface this painted furniture project by saying, this is my favorite piece ever!  You GUYS!  Don’t you love it?  I did not know when I picked up this triple dresser manufactured by Dixie at a local Goodwill store for $20 what it would become. I didn’t have the vision.  But man am I […]