Navy Blue Executive Desk with Gold Accents

executive desk transformation

Way back in January, a friend sold me this desk.  She was re-arranging her space, and no longer had room for it.  It being a higher end piece, I thought I could perhaps turn around and sell it as-is for a quick profit.  Since it’s now May and you can tell by the title of … Read more

Modern Farmhouse China Cabinet Game Hutch

Farmhouse China Cabinet furniture upcycle

This project started when a sweet gal contacted me looking for a game hutch for her basement.  I didn’t have any china cabinets, but I started my hard-target search.  I usually check Facebook Marketplace first, then Craigslist, my local Goodwill and thrift stores, local antique stores and then, if desperate, I post an “in search … Read more

Triple Dixie Dresser Shading Technique

Dixie Blue dresser shading technique

Let me preface this painted furniture project by saying, this is my favorite piece ever!  You GUYS!  Don’t you love it?  I did not know when I picked up this triple dresser manufactured by Dixie at a local Goodwill store for $20 what it would become. I didn’t have the vision.  But man am I … Read more

Farmhouse Finish White Cabinet

Farmhouse finish end table with swirly hardware

White was my first and only color choice for this table because I knew a distressed farmhouse finish would be adorable on this piece. Pure white is not the easiest color to paint, especially not over a vintage dark finish. You can run into bleed-through, which is when the dark stain keeps bleeding up through your paint no matter how many coats you do. To avoid that, I primed with a stain-blocking primer.