Smooth as Silk Olive Green Dresser

cactus dresser flower child wide

This beautiful olive green dresser started out lovely, but needed a little makeover for modern times. It was given to me by a family that was moving away and couldn’t take all their furniture with them. It is really well constructed, and didn’t have much damage. Plus, you know by now I love myself some … Read more

Using Clay Based Paint Like an Artist

half table clay based paint

Since using Dixie Belle’s new clay based paint (Terra) for the first time last week, I decided to try some more colors and techniques this week. The antique table below was already cut in half to put up against a wall when I purchased it. It also had quite a bit of damage to the … Read more

Introducing Artistic Terra Clay Paint!

terra clay table with decoupage

I picked up this larger side table from the curb for free to experiment with the NEW Terra Clay Paint from Dixie Belle. There’s nothing a free item does better than make me try new and outside-the-box painting techniques because the only investment is my time and creativity. These never fail to be my favorite … Read more

Dark Green Chalk Paint End Tables

dark green chalk paint tables

I’m so happy to share this dark green chalk paint project today! Mostly because I’m burnt out on painting white after my last couple projects. But also because they were for a friend and repeat client, Stacy, who is a dream to work with. Stacy shared a light switch cover as the inspiration color palette … Read more

Brighten Up Painting Furniture White

painting furniture white buffet

I did not think I’d be painting furniture white again so soon! But here we are. I bought this buffet/dresser piece because it’s a twin to the first piece I ever painted for my home. I painted mine turquoise, and I had planned to paint this one black. But a client came along and purchased … Read more

Simplistic Sunrise Pastel Furniture

latin flair table side

It’s not that often I paint strictly pastel furniture, but there was a reason. This project is a result of the Dixie Belle Paint mystery box challenge. They sent me a box full of surprise goodies, some of which I used on this piece. There were so many products in there, I didn’t get to … Read more