Cloudy Blending Paint on Furniture

catalog pull dresser with cc

You may have noticed there are multiple different ways of blending paint on furniture.  Some are seamless, some are more rustic, and some are “cloudy” like this one.

A cloudy blend is appropriate for all kinds of styles, like boho, farmhouse and even traditional.  It’s also somewhat easy to achieve with a little practice.

As soon as I saw this traditional maple dresser, I thought of adding card catalog pulls.  The color choice, however, was a struggle.

maple dresser before with word

Here’s the list of products I use for cloudy blending paint on furniture. 

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Cloudy Blending Paint on Furniture

Originally, I chose Stormy Seas, Savannah Mist, Spanish Moss and Dried Sage for a blue and green finish.  But on the first coat, I wasn’t feeling the green, so I switched to Fluff.

Then I went for more of a strict ombre where there was a blended straight line between colors across the front.  Again, it wasn’t feeling organic or right for this piece. 

Finally, I pulled out my Best Dang brush which is very large, densely packed and has a flat top.  Then the cloudy blend flowed easily!

catalog pull dresser off center

Let’s talk about how to achieve this cloudy blend.  Using a different brush for each color, quickly paint swatches of color where you want them in a small area (like a drawer front).

Mist lightly with water, and then use the Best Dang brush to swirl lightly over the surface blending the colors together.  You can add more of one color if it is getting too light or dark in an area.  But quickly do your blending, and then stop.  Don’t overblend!

On the sides, I avoided straight lines again and let the colors organically blend throughout.  You may think you need to match the sides up to the front, but you can see I didn’t really do that and it looks just fine.

cloudy blending paint on furniture

Colonial Black Gel Stain

When a dresser top is in pretty good shape, one great option is to darken it up with gel stain.  This covers the little nicks, dings or scratches and makes it look richer.

Using an applicator pad, I wiped on one coat of No Pain Gel Stain in Colonial Black.  This is an oil-based stain, so it is nice and durable for furniture tops. 

Black may sound scary, but you can see that the grain and underlying brown stain color still come through.  The end result looks similar to an espresso stain color.

As usual, I sealed the whole piece with 2 coats of Clear Coat in Satin.  But first I sanded lightly with a 220-grit sanding pad to get a buttery smooth finish.  I just love the feel and sheen of this finish.

catalog pull dresser top

Adding Catalog Pulls

I purchased these catalog pulls from Amazon for around $17 for 10 pulls.  They are very substantial and sturdy, and you can’t beat that price!

They came in this satin black finish which was perfect for this piece.  I thought about putting pulls on the bottom half of the top drawers, but thought that would be too visually heavy.

catalog pull dresser side

Can you believe this is the same dresser?  If you want to try blending paint on furniture, please Pin!

blue blended dresser pin

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