Black Dining Table

Farmhouse dining set

It seems that white has certainly taken center stage in the farmhouse look, but don’t forget black is part of farmhouse style too!  Black helps ground a room, and makes it feel cozier than all white.  My client purchased this dining table and 6 chairs, and chose black for the double pedestal.  She kept the chairs and table top in their original state, since they were in great shape. 

I forgot to get a true before photo, but I remembered after I painted one spindle!

dining pedestal before

Prep & Cleaning

I didn’t have any repairs to do, so I went straight to cleaning with White Lightning, and rinsing with plain water.  There were tons of spider webs up inside those hollow pedestals, but I got them all with a feather duster.  Since I didn’t expect any bleed-through from this wood species and there were no odors, I didn’t prime either. 


I admit, this paint finish was pretty straight-forward.  Two coats of Caviar painted on with my synthetic small round brush.  I lightly scuff-sand and clean with a tiny bit of Sprayway glass cleaner and a shop towel between each coat.  Spindles can be a bit challenging as far as drips go, so I suggest using  thin coats and checking your work frequently. 

I distressed around the edges with 220-grit sand paper.  Dixie Belle paint is self-sealing, so you don’t have to use any top coat.  But distressing will leave little dull scratches on dark colors, so to bring back the full black color and sheen, I use one.

Farmhouse table pedestal distressed

Wet Distress with Hemp Seed Oil

Sealing black paint is a little bit tricky because liquid sealers can easily look streaky, while waxes can look blotchy.  That’s why I was excited to give Hemp Seed Oil a try.  I had seen someone online using a wet sanding technique, and I wanted to try that with a finishing pad.

products used collage

Dixie Belle’s finishing pads come rather large, so I cut about a 1 inch section off the end.  A little piece was better for maneuvering around the spindles and curved details.  After pouring some of the oil into a paper bowl, I dipped the finishing pad into it, and sanded a small section of the pedestal.  You will immediately see the color brighten and any scratches get buffed out.  Then I wiped away any excess with a blue shop towel.

Farmhouse table with top

Since my client had the chairs and table top at her place, I waited to get photos until we had it all set up at her house.  Love that little high chair there in the back too!

Farmhouse dining set

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Farmhouse Dining Table

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