Average End Tables Get a Stylish MCM Makeover

MCM end tables
MCM end tables

I think my client, Theresa, will forgive me for saying this, but these two little end tables just scream big box store to me.  She thought the same thing, but she had the vision to request this transformation.  The tables belonged to her father, so since they had sentimental value, she wanted to make them better reflect her style and work with her home decor. 

MCM end tables before

Prepping for Refinishing

These belong to the same client who had me refinish her MCM dresser in my last post, and she wanted these finished the same way.  I used the same products and process of stripping, staining, sealing, painting and distressing I describe in that post.  

The only difference is that I added new pulls in place of the existing knobs.  I filled the old holes with Dixie Belle Mud in Brown, using their mud spatula, and let it dry completely.  Then I sanded it smooth, and had my husband drill new holes.  I know I should learn how to do that myself one of these days, but for now it’s his contribution to the business.  And I have to let him feel useful, don’t I? 😉  Here they are with their tops stripped and ready for stain.

I purchased the vintage MCM pulls off of Etsy.  They really add the finishing touch that takes these tables from ordinary to special.  They weren’t MCM to begin with, but they have the straight lines needed and the hardware pushes them fully into that style.

MCM end tables

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Do you have any super utilitarian furniture around your house that needs a makeover?  It doesn’t have to be merely functional, it can be beautiful too!  If these tables can be made stylish, anything can.  There is a world of possibilities!

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