Antique Deconstructed Chair Frame

deconstructed chair side

You don’t see this kind of furniture makeover every day!  This is an antique chair that was brought to a local interior design and upholstery company for an update.  The designer there hired the painting part of the project out to me, and then she re-upholstered it.  Most of my pictures are without the fabric (I actually love it all deconstructed!), but there are some finished pictures at the end of this post.

chair before

Simple Paint Job

For the wood chair frame, the client selected Driftwood light gray.  After a good cleaning, I opted not to prime.  You can always do that after the first coat if you experience any bleed-through.  It took 2 coats for full coverage, and I found the best brush to get paint in all the little crevices was a small round synthetic brush. 

deconstructed chair leg

Wax Detail

To age out the finish a bit, the client wanted some wax in Hurricane Gray.  Since I didn’t have gray wax on hand, I tried a couple different methods.  First, I poured some Easy Peasy liquid wax into a bowl and mixed it with Hurricane Gray.  I applied it with a small artist’s brush in the crevices and around the edges.  But I didn’t feel like it was thick enough to give me good control.  So I switched to Best Dang Clear Wax mixed with Hurricane Gray and applied it the same way.  This time I was happy with how it went on.  I also wiped it back as needed with a shop towel.

That’s literally all there was to it, Friends!  Such a simple finish.

deconstructed chair arm

My favorite part of this project was staging it!  This green door was recently given to me by a friend.  It had been hanging around her mother’s basement, and it was about to get tossed out.  So glad she thought of me! 

deconstructed chair front

The cotton wreath normally hangs above my bed over an old wood window frame.  I just love it!  It brings just the right amount of neutral farmhouse-y texture wherever it goes.  The table and accessories were pulled from around my house as well.

And for those of you who stuck around for the end of this post, here is what the final upholstered piece looked like.

chair collage

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deconstructed chair before and after

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