Accent Table Makeover in Yellow

yellow accent table front view

Today I’ve got a yellow table makeover from my own home to share with you.  I’ve started a series on Facebook called #merrymakeovers, and it’s all about getting our homes holiday-ready before Christmas.  I have at least 6 projects I’m planning to make over on Facebook Lives.  So join me over there, and get inspired to get your home projects done too!

You can see the live video of me working on this project here.

half round accent table before

I found this little table at the thrift store, and knew exactly where I wanted to use it in my living room.  The fluted legs and cute shape were calling out to me!  After putting this project off for a couple months, I finally started by cleaning the piece well with White Lightning, and rinsing it.  I opted not to prime, and there was no damage to repair.


I have a lot of gold and yellow curtains and upholstery in my living areas, so that’s how I chose these colors for the table.  The darker gold is part of Dixie Belle’s Flea Market Décor line; it’s called Golden Years.  The lighter highlight color is Rebel Yellow.  I did a little bit of blending between the two colors, but was not too fussy about it.  The top is actually a little less blendy than I would like, so I’ll go back and fix that.

yellow accent table top view

Using a small round synthetic brush, I painted the darker color on most of the piece, and while it was still wet I added the lighter color in the center of the drawers, on top and on the bottom shelf.  Then I just blurred the lines between the colors using the same brush, blending in all directions with a light hand.

yellow accent table right drawer

Décor Transfer

To make the piece more artistic and one-of-a-kind, I added a transfer to the front.  This one is from ReDesign by Prima, and it’s called Imperial Garden.  I cut out little sections of it, and layered them on pretty randomly.  I only chose text and some neutral parts of the drawing, and left the floral parts to use on other projects. 

yellow side table right side

yellow accent table center drawer

If you’ve never used a transfer, it’s like a big temporary tattoo.  You remove the backing, stick it in place and use a burnishing tool to rub it onto the painted surface.  It’s easy enough for any beginner to do, especially if it has bigger graphics versus tiny ones.


To add a bit of age and imperfection (because everyone knows imperfection is character!), I added some brown wax around the edges of the front and top, and all over the legs.  Using a natural bristle brush, I applied the wax and then buffed it out with a paper towel.  For any areas that were heavier than I wanted, I removed the excess with a baby wipe.  Since this yellow table will be in my own home, I know it won’t receive heavy use.  So I opted not to seal it with anything besides the wax.

yellow accent table left side

yellow accent table left drawer

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If you like this colorful makeover, you might like this one and this one as well.  Let me know in the Comments if you like to decorate with yellow.

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