9 Most Popular Projects of 2018

2018 top 9 projects

Happy new year, Friends! 

I always love to take a look back at the past year of projects to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished.  I had a lot of fun walking down memory lane, assembling this post.  I don’t really keep up with my Facebook Insights, so I had no idea which projects would make the top nine until I took a look.  With each piece, I remember where I got it, the process of the makeover, and the fantastic client who bought it or took it back home with them.  I am blessed to meet so many quality people over furniture!

Since this blog was started in May last year, some of these projects have blog posts associated with them, and some were before that time.  Let’s take a closer look at these labors of love.

First up is Sherry’s china/game cabinet.  You can read all about it, my most popular project here.  And the gray buffet right beneath it also went to Sherry’s house!

china cabinet after

gray buffet after

This white buffet was a bit of a challenge.  When I was stripping and staining the top, the struggle was real!  Find out how I got past it in this post.

Before & After Dresser to Buffet Transformation

The red dresser was a Goodwill makeover, and the color and hardware options were voted on by my Facebook page fans.  You can check it out in this post.

Red Farmhouse Dresser

Next up is this blue executive desk.  I remember how heavy it was, and it marked the first time I had to rent a moving truck to deliver a piece!  It also sold to an old grade school classmate of my uncle.  Small world!

executive desk transformation

Then comes this cedar chest with a layered finish.  Layered finishes are one of my favorite to do.  You never quite know where it’s going to end up, but you know it when you see it.

cedar chest after

This tall gray dresser pre-dated the blog, but here is the before and after.  I sourced it for Robin, a lovely lady fighting cancer, and wanting to create her own serene space.  She chose this dark gray called Gravel Road.

Robin's dresser before & after

Next is Theresa’s mid-century modern dresser.  She wanted it brought into the modern age, but retaining the original integrity.

MCM Dresser after

And last, but definitely not least, is the Dixie blue dresser.  This is my personal favorite piece I ever did, and it sold to one of my favorite clients ever, Janelle.  Isn’t that just perfectly fitting?

Dixie Blue dresser shading technique

Overall, 2018 was good to me.  I made a lot of progress personally and professionally, and was blessed in many ways, big and small.  I hope 2019 is even a little bit as cool as 2018 was!  And I wish you all abundant success and joy in 2019!

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